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People under poverty or otherwise marginalized are the ones who frequently face legal issues with regards to housing, social assistance, employment, human rights and family matters. However, they do not have the money required to pay for lawyers. As a result, they self-represent.

Our legal system is so complex that even legal professionals may find it difficult to navigate. In the circumstances, the ordinary people, who self-represent, necessarily need support to navigate the legal system.

While we are not permitted to provide legal advice, we can share legal information and resources published by credible organizations such as National Self-Represented Litigants Project, Ministry of Attorney General and the relevant Tribunals or Courts in order to help guide Self-Represented Litigants. However, locating these resources may also be difficult for new Self-Represented Litigants.

To help solve this problem, our Project attempts to create a Self-Represented Litigants Support Group comprising of experienced and new Self-Represented Litigants to share the resources, stories and experience among them. This peer support process would also help provide emotional support to Self-Represented Litigants when they go through the difficult and frustrating legal procedures. Some Self-Represented Litigants find it very supportive when they are not alone and accompanied by someone when they attend Tribunals or Courts. Some group members may also choose to be more helpful to their peers, for example, by serving and filing their legal documents on behalf of them.

If you like to participate in the Self-Represented Litigants Support Group, please contact us!

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