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Senior Support Group

Our population is aging. There is no enough space to accommodate all the seniors in retirement homes. Therefore, in-home care has emerged as a valuable alternative.

For many seniors, the hourly rate of in-home care ranging from $28-$33 is not affordable. For some eligible seniors, government programs provide funding to cover limited hours of in-home care. However, these limited hours of in-home care is not enough for them, and they may need additional in-home care services from private in-home care providers, which is not affordable to many of them.

At South End Neighbourhood Group, we would like to help those seniors by reducing their financial burden in accessing in-home care services.

Part of in-home care services include, housekeeping, meal preparation, engaging with the senior, taking them for appointments and grocery shopping. These services may be provided by other senior friends or volunteers as well or for a low flat rate.

At South End Neighbourhood Group, we would like to create a senior support group comprising of seniors and others who like to support seniors in order to consider ways to reduce the financial burden of seniors in accessing in-home care services.

If you are interested in participating in the Senior Support Group, please contact us!

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